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"I don't think I've ever met a leader with so much passion and enthusiasm for the mission."

- Eric P. | InnerActivate

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John: CEO & Owner

John comes from a foundation of solid digital expertise and client relationship development. For 15+ years, he served Chicago's largest digital agencies as a digital strategist and customer acquisition specialist. Additionally, John also worked in corporate marketing and non-profit communication roles. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from Grand Valley State University and a Master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. 

The Chicago blizzard of 2013 and a growing itch to return to the south for warmer climates led John and his family to bustling Raleigh, North Carolina in 2014. From the big city to a small farm in Holly Springs, the adjustment was a perfect blend of horticulture and business community involvement. In 2017, John started Leadstr Digital, an online marketing agency.

As a passion, John brings online marketing experience and client service to business owners to help them grow and visualize their dreams through effective digital marketing. As a coffee shop owner in Chicago for four years, John understands the emotions, tenacity and business acumen that comes with running a retail and service business. The experience provided a deep appreciation and perspective of "standing in the shoes" of a business owner. When it comes to leading Leadstr Digital, it's John's goal to make business owners feel good and confident - every step of the way.

At other times when John is not talking digital marketing and helping businesses grow, you can find him working a garden, cultivating fig and other fruit trees, surfing, hiking, camping, having fun with his three children and enjoying a sunset and a bold red wine with his wife. 

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Leadstr Digital means what they say and stand behind it. I needed a new website fast that was mobile responsive and optimized for my industry, along with better online marketing, especially SEO. The team delivered as promised, and the impact was immediate! 

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