Generating New Leads

Identify, Attract & Convert Potential Customers

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Generating New Leads

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the practice of identifying, attracting and converting potential customers for a business's service or product. For business owners residing in a specific geographic area, targeting your brand to local customer search intent via an optimized website and targeting strategies can quickly open the flow of new customer leads. 


Imagine being able to target your ideal customers to your business using SEO and lead generating websites. Many of your potential customers are in the local community looking for what you have to offer. Is your website a lead generation machine optimized and working for you and bringing you new customers when and where it counts? 

For a roofing company or tree trimming service, storm and hurricane damage are perfect opportunities to get in front of new customers who are desperately searching online for help. For HVAC companies, hot summers drive serious demand for new air conditioners and tune ups. A well optimized website for Lead Generation and Local SEO will position your business to be seen by potential customers who drive demand by utilizing relevant keywords.


At Leadstr Raleigh SEO, a Raleigh area Lead Generation website company, our target focus is using search engine optimization strategies to help small business owners speak to their ideal customers and rank for the most relevant keywords - keywords your customers use. The results are more leads, phone calls and appointments.


We work with a select group of clients in certain business niches who want to dominate local search results and attract new customers. 

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