Using the Power of SEO to Generate More Customers 

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How Can SEO Help Build My Business?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO), in a simple definition, is enacting specific changes to your website and content to make it more attractive to search engines like Google. Overall, SEO is a process involving many variables to help make sure business websites rank high in organic search results for relevant keywords and phrases. Some keywords are extremely competitive and take a great amount of effort to rank, while other keywords represent low-hanging fruit that captures traffic over your competition. Leadstr Raleigh SEO, a top Raleigh SEO company, will help you with an SEO plan to bring in more customers and convert them. 

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Put Your Website To Work

You spent a lot of money creating the perfect website in the hopes that it drives customers to your door and grows your business. Websites do not function in a set-it-and-forget-it environment. Instead, its a continuous process of trying new approaches, fixing bugs and dominating the Local SEO landscape.

When done right, search engine optimization applied to a website is a powerful force that can have a dramatic, long-lasting impact on your business growth.


Now more than ever, as people are using mobile technology to search for local products and services, it is imperative that local business owners have a solid SEO strategy and long-term Lead Generation plan to capture leads and stay ahead of the competition.


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The Power of Local Keywords & SEO

The primary goal of every website is to attract more business with relevant keywords within local searches. 

Many search engines are used for local search (i.e. Bing, Yelp, Yahoo!, Apple Maps). However, since Google owns over 80% of the search market, emphasis is placed on optimizing websites for Google local search. Relevant keywords that include geographic modifiers play a very important role in Local SEO. Read the example below. 

Suzy Countertop, a potential kitchen remodel customer, uses the Google browser to locate a Raleigh general contractor near her. Suzy types in relevant local keywords such as "raleigh kitchen remodel" and "general contractor kitchen renovation" into the Google search bar to find local companies close by.

On Page one of Google's search results, Google displays a list of companies best representing the keyword based on Google's search algorithm criteria. The first four results are Google Ads (paid listings). Next is Google Maps Pack (aka Local Pack, Snack Pack) composed mostly of highly ranked businesses (free traffic). The following 10 search listings underneath the Maps Pack are organic rankings (more free traffic). At the end of the search results page, three more Google Ads finish the page.


Do you see why getting your Lead Generation Website on Google's first page of search results is critical for your business and getting new customers? 

As a Raleigh SEO company, we can help you identify the right keywords and optimize your website with effective SEO to drive the right customer traffic. Contact Us to get started today. 

Performance SEO = Customer Traffic

Small business owners today are looking to maximize budgets and spend marketing dollars generating long-term impacts and customer potential. Welcome to organic search rankings and customer traffic! 

As you read above, the Local Pack and the first 10 organic search results represent free website traffic opportunities. Specifically, the three Maps Pack listings and the top  three organic search results harness the lion's share of free traffic.


In order to get your business in Google's Maps Pack and the top three search spots, you have to implement effective Local SEO. Get your business earning more today with the top SEO company in Raleigh.

Every year, Google makes 500+ changes to their search algorithm, and paid search continues to gobble up results-page real estate. For business owners, it's extremely important to stay on top of the search engine game, let alone what your competition is doing online! Let Leadstr SEO help you maximize your Lead Generation potential.


With SEO, there is a lot to keep track of. Our goal is to help you dominate the first page of Google Search Results and generate customer traffic for your business. Getting the right Local SEO keywords and strategy in place can make a big impact on your business for the longest time.


If you don't know the bottom, how would you know the top? Every successful SEO campaign begins with thorough research of your industry,  competitors, relevant keywords, search rankings and SEO content. The big goal is to identify the top-3 competitors in the city and understand what keywords are ranking and delivering the biggest revenue opportunity. 

SEO Keywords are not alike. There are general broad-term keywords like "car insurance" and "accident attorney" that are typically very competitive and serve more of a national audience. Then, you have keywords with local intent that are composed of the [Search Term + City]. An example keyword would be "raleigh landscaping".


To take keywords and SEO a step further to rank well, business owners now must consider Latent Semantic Indexing and Voice Search - highly relevant keywords with strong correlations to your product or service.


The importance of matching the right keywords to your ideal customers and their search intent cannot be underestimated, and Leadstr SEO can help you with your SEO plan. 


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We take a deep look at your website content and offsite assets to better understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats & low-hanging fruit

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What are the best keywords for your business? Analysis of your industry, ideal customer and competition will tell a strong story

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Making specific optimized landing pages that influence search engine rankings, customer traffic and phone calls to your business


Through link building, finding and pointing high-quality websites - positive Google votes - back to your website to increase ranking impact and your authority

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