A Shout Out to small Business Owners

Small Business - The Backbone of our Great Country

To lift and support even one business owner to higher levels of success impacts all of us and makes our communities stronger and better. This is the calling and purpose - our Big Why.

Our Big Why

Is there a bigger "Why" other than helping others? Just like you, as a business owner, I support a family and a dream. My work ethic is driven by a strong support and reflection of my family and hinges on two life goals:

  • Serving others

  • Earning success

My hope is that we can work together to help you, as a business owner, change the lives of customers you were called to serve. And at the same time, help you achieve lead generation results that lifts your business and the community to higher levels of success.

More of My Back Story

In 2008, I took the wisdom from my agency and business career and launched a cafe idea with my wife. The excitement of building a business concept from scratch was energizing and nerve-wracking. I'm sure we can share stories about opening a business. 


Eventually, the cafe doors opened June 2009 after securing vendors, completing space renovations, hiring/training employees and finalizing city permits. 


Over four years, I learned the value of understanding customer needs and the importance of driving customer traffic. But, most importantly, I understood the challenges, successes and perspectives of walking in the shoes of business owners.

And this is where you enter the stage - doing what I love - helping business owners realize their dreams and grow their businesses. 

Dedicated to Client Success

I am dedicated to client success and helping small business owners achieve results. We are selective in choosing the types of clients in each industry and city, and a good conversation is a great place to start.


Simply fill out our Contact Form or call/text directly to 919.762.6527 and ask for John.


Let's learn more about your business, the goals you want to accomplish, and where you see your business in the future.


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